Norland Téllez, PhD

Artist and Teacher in the animated realms of the mythic image

About me

Norland is an Artist and Teacher with over 25 years of experience in the animation industry. He graduated from CalArts in 1999 with a degree in film animation, while training and working at Walt Disney Studios, Turner Feature Animation, and Warner Brothers Feature Animation. 

As a Writer and Director Norland has produced award-winning educational properties in Once Upon a Sign mini-series which features deaf actors using American Sign Language.

As a teacher of Life Drawing and the animated arts, Norland has taught at CalArts and Santa Monica Academy of Entertainment and Technology, as well as AIC-LA.

Norland completed a Masters and Doctorate degrees in the study of mythology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2009 with a dissertation on the Popol-Vuh, a classic of Mayan mythology. He was also the recipient of the Joseph Campbell Research Grant in 2006 and currently writes for the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

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What's on your creative mind struggling to be free? What are the needs of your production? Or preproduction? Reach out for a consultation where I can be of help.


Los Angeles, California, USA.



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