Layout & Color

Background Art

With firm foundations in traditional painting techniques, I am also immersed in digital illustration for Film and TV .

Layout Design & Background Color

Search & Explore: The Serengeti Valley

The Serengeti Valley was a wonderful start of this journey with Search & Explore. I took storyboards through the layout process, having fun designing the flora and then taking it directly to color.

Background Color

Search & Explore: Japanese Kabuki

Japan was one of my favorite locations in this journey around the world with Search & Explore. Although the episode focused on the gorgeous interiors of the kabuki theatre, there were a couple of cityscapes that I really enjoyed creating.

Background Color

Search & Explore: The Trans-Siberian Railway

Here I also had pre-designed layouts with established lighting patterns to work with. Given the educational nature of these shows, our production design had to be both realistic and true to life.

Background Color & Design

Once Upon A Sign: Classic Fairytales with a Modern Twist

These highly stylized backgrounds were meant to be master sets which we could pick apart in greater detail, focusing on limited areas at a time, as demanded by the various framings of the live action.


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