Painter in Blue

El Oscurecimiento

Looking back at this phase of my life, there was a great turning inwards as I began to delve into philosophy and psychoanalytic literature.


Painter in Blue

Oil on Canvas, 9 x 12 inches

Glendale, CA, 10/10/1994

It was Kierkegaard, for better or worse, who got me started into the journey of studying philosophy. It was a melancholic time, akin to what the alchemists called the stage of the nigredo or “blackening,” but it was also a time of the rediscovery of love. I remember pouring over Kierkegaard’s journals in particular, for here was a strong sense that philosophy was not just another academic discipline but that it stemmed from the very heart of existence. I related very much to Kierkegaard’s agonizing decision to break his engagement with the love of his life Regine Olsen, whom he was set to marry in 1841. Passages such as these touched my own situation at the time:

“Oh blind God of Love! You who see into our hidden recesses, will you reveal love to me? Am I to hold you in my arms –or DO YOU ORDER ME TO BE ON MY WAY? ”

Norland Téllez

Norland Téllez, is an Artist and Teacher with over two decades of experience in the animation industry. Grounding himself in classical painting and drawing, he remains committed to the art of the moving image and the archetypal power of Story.