The Lighting of the Self

La Iluminación del Ser Mismo

The journey took me to an unexpected place: not where I had become fundamentalized in the traditions I studied, but a place where I had in a sense been reborn out of all traditions.


The Lighting of the Self

Oil on Canvas, 9 x 12 inches

Winnetka, CA, 04/11/2024

The whole purpose of getting a higher education is not simply to acquire more “information” about a certain subject. The thrill of it was the basic requirement of all graduate work: to contribute something new to the sum of human knowledge. My study of the Esoteric Dimensions of the Popol-Wuh, the Ancient Maya Epic, was a way to bring together the Western philosophical tradition with the shamanic vision embodied by the Popol-Wuh as Wisdom of the Peoples.

Norland Téllez

Norland Téllez, is an Artist and Teacher with over two decades of experience in the animation industry. Grounding himself in classical painting and drawing, he remains committed to the art of the moving image and the archetypal power of Story.