Tío Marcos

El Profeta de su Propia Vida

Among my favorite people in this world is my uncle Marcos, a character whose life story could easily fill several volumes with his uncommon adventures.


Tío Marcos

Oil on Canvas Board, 11 x 14 inches

Winnetka, CA, 04/11/2024

Como un profeta de su propia vida, el Tío Marcos reflexionaba sobre un futuro incierto que de todas maneras podía anticipar pues era el futuro impactado por sus propias decisiones y acciones. Era un Profeta de causa y efecto.

Like a prophet of his own life, Tío Marcos reflected on the uncertain future ahead, a future which he could nevertheless foretell as it was the future affected by his own decisions and actions. He was prophet of cause and effect.

Norland Téllez

Norland Téllez, is an Artist and Teacher with over two decades of experience in the animation industry. Grounding himself in classical painting and drawing, he remains committed to the art of the moving image and the archetypal power of Story.